How To Select Best Luggage Sets For Next International Holiday Trip

Luggage sets are a good option for frequent travellers. Luggage sets usually comprise of 3-5 bags that can serve good purpose especially if you are a family with kids or you have a lot of things to carry. Luggage sets come in a combination of maybe 2-3 suitcases along with smaller pieces like tote bag, duffel bag. The advantage of buying a luggage set is that it offers an economical value to the traveller with various size options which if brought individually can be expensive. For e.g. if you buy 2 suitcases and a duffel bag or a backpack it will cost you more than a luggage set that offers the rated travel luggage

However while buying a luggage set there are certain things that you need to take into consideration.

Size and number of pieces: For some this can be the driving factor and for some this can be a deal breaker. When you look at a luggage set look at it from the point of what purpose it can serve you. Just don’t buy it for the number of luggage pieces it offers but for the value it offers. You will not be carrying around so many pieces in one trip so some of it might go waste. Instead choose a set that offers a good mix of luggage sizes and bags that will be essential for your trips.

Quality of material: One of the most prominent points to be considered is the material of the luggage. All the bags in the luggage sets must be of quality material and durable. It is recommended that you buy the luggage set only after seeing it yourself. Touch and feel are important for luggage sets and as far as possible avoid online purchase of luggage sets.

Price: Be realistic in your assessment of price. Luggage is something that we do not buy often and when you are buying a luggage set evaluate the price with the quality that you are getting. It is always advisable to pay a few bucks more but get a quality product rather than buying a cheap priced product that you will have to throw out after using two or three times.

Brand: When buying luggage sets it is advisable to go for established brands rather than going for some new market entrant. Good brands may be slightly over priced but in the end they offer you peace of mind where the luggage is considered. Remember that your checked in baggage for air travel is tossed around in the cargo of the plane. An inferior quality luggage set can mean that your bag can pry open risking loss or damage of its contents.

Reviews: Today a lot of products are reviewed on various websites Like This is a good way of knowing about the product through people who have used it. It will help you jot down the pros and cons of the product before you finalize on the brand and product that you want to purchase.